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Ms. Gonzalez, RN

School Nurse
The essential duties of the School Nurse are:

As a Provider of Client Care:

The school nurse applies appropriate theory as the basis for decision making in nursing practices. The school nurse incorporates the use of the inductive problem-solving process into nursing practices. The school nurse contributes to the education of the pupil with special health needs by assessing such pupils, planning appropriate nursing care, implementing the care, and evaluating the outcome of care.

As a Planner and Coordinator of Client Care:

The school nurse is prepared to establish, maintain and coordinate a comprehensive school health program and to contribute to the formulation of school health policy. The school nurse collaborates with other school professionals to meet the health, developmental, and educational needs of pupils. The school nurse participates with other key members of the community in the delivery of health care to pupils and families and utilizes knowledge or community health systems and resources to function as a school community liaison.

As a Client Teacher:

The school nurse assists pupils, families and the school community to achieve optimal levels of wellness through appropriately designed and delivered health education.

As Investigator:

The school nurse contributes to nursing and school health through innovations in practice and participation in research-related activities.

As Communicator:

Uses effective and cogent written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and recognizes the importance of effective communication of nursing practices.