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Virgil’s Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) program is open to all students who are identified as “Gifted” or who meet the 4 Areas of Critical Thinking eligibility criteria.

If your child is Gifted and Virgil is your School of Residence, you do not have to apply. Please call Mr. Stemnock at (323) 388-3992 or email him at [email protected] to ensure your child is placed in the SAS program.

If Virgil is not your child’s School of Residence, you must apply online at The due date to submit applications for the 2020-2021 school year is September 18, 2020.

If your child is not identified “Gifted”, but is high performing, please contact Mr. Stemnock to initiate the Verification of Eligibility for SAS process.

Virgil School for Advanced Studies
Mr. Stemnock
(323) 388-3992