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School Psychologist

  • Conducts psycho-educational assessments and develops case studies of individual students to determine educational needs, learning characteristics, and social behavior relevant to educational placement and instructional planning.
  • Interpret the findings of individual case studies to principals, teachers, parents, students and others directly concerned with the welfare of students.
  • Participates in the process required by federal, state, and local regulations for the identification, placement, and review/re-evaluation of students with special needs; participate on the Individual Education Program (IEP) team assisting in the development of positive behavior intervention strategies, positive behavior support plans, and complete needed behavioral analysis and/or assessments.
  • Assist in developing written IEPs for students who are eligible for special education services.
  • Counsel and provide appropriate related services to students individually and in groups to assist them in achieving IEP goals and other desired outcomes.
  • Collaborate with teachers, school staff, and parents regarding strategies for the solution of individual student learning or adjustment problems.
  • Respond to crisis intervention.
  • Participate in the prevention and intervention approaches for individual students at Student Success Team (SST) meetings, Coordination of Services Team (COST) meetings, and other intervention problem-solving teams that use pre-referral processes.