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Counseling Office

7th Grade Counselor: Mr. Ledezma
8th Grade Counselor: Mr. Jimenez


  • Reports directly to the administrator designee or the school Principal.
  • Provide educational leadership by interpreting and implementing the school’s discipline policies.
  • Works to reduce serious and persistent school or classroom problems.
  • Conduct parent, teacher and student conferences relating to student discipline.
  • Plan, organize and coordinate the operation of various school programs as assigned by the principal and assistant principals. The programs may include campus beautification, tardy programs, emergency drills, Dean’s detention program, the metal detection program, gang/taggers identification, and awareness of prevention programs.
  • Work as a liaison between the school and outside community agencies serving our students.
  • Assist in the supervision of various school and extra-curricular activities. These may include class coverage, assemblies, before / after school, nutrition and lunch supervision, dances and commencement exercises.
  • Serve as an active member of the School Discipline and Safe School Committees.
  • Work with School Police and campus aides to see that the campus is safe and secure.
  • Work in conjunction with the appropriate school personnel in the investigation of students / school incidents.
  • Report graffiti and vandalism immediately to the appropriate personnel.
  • Prepare / participate in expulsion hearings as a presenter and sometimes as a member of the discipline panel.